What’s in you diaper bag?

7 Essentials for your Diaper Bag

I’ve been wanting to do a post about diaper bags. Well…not actually about the bags themselves, even though I am in still in love with mine 😍 my gorgeous Kate Spade Classic Stevie bag was my Valentines Day gift! Granted I picked it and out bought but hey who cares about that!  Hubby didn’t have to do any shopping. So score! Anyways…I know as a first time mom I was always googling “what goes in my diaper bag?” How was I supposed to know. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret, no matter what you stuff/cram/squeeze in that precious bag you will more then likely forget something at the house.

Anyways here’s a look at our diaper bag. Granted my pumpkin is around 18 months old. So if you have a newborn yours will look a little bit different. (More diapers. A lot more diapers. And no food)


Now, I’ll admit I probably over pack/prepare.  But I don’t want to be out and about and run out of diapers. That would be awful! So I always have at least 4 to 5 diapers in our bag. For newborns it is recommended to pack 1 diaper for every hour you are gone from the house.


This one’s kind of obvious. If you have diapers you will need wipes. I throw the whole wipe container/bag in there. I do have one of the super cute small wipe containers but honestly I don’t have time to pull out 10 wipes,one at a time and then neatly fold then so they lay flat. But if you want to do that I give you props.

3.Epi-pen and medicine bag

Hopefully you don’t have one of these bags. But we do. And honestly this bag is the most important thing in my diaper bag. We don’t go anywhere without it. Even if I’m only running to Walgreen’s. I might not grab my diaper bag but this sucker is coming with us. I can’t imagine being somewhere and accidentally forgetting her Epi-pen.

4. Food

Yes at this stage you need to carry food. You never know when your little one will all of a sudden become hangry. And sometimes at this stage any ole food won’t cut it. The only thing to make that hangry monster your sweet little baby again is her favorite snack. Which can change at any given point. So you better have a couple options in the bag of yours

5. Toys

So the importance of toys depends on 1) where you are going and 2) how long will you be there. I always keep a couple toys that keep her attention. Now these need to be changed out ever so often because I promise you one day out of no where she will hate her once favorite toy. That once prized possession will not only be tossed aside but thrown with all their little mite! Right now our favorite toys or horses.


A change of clothes isn’t a bad idea depending on how long you will be gone. If it’s an all day outing I’d definitely bring a little outfit just in case. Who knows what might happen. But other then all day affairs I normally don’t pack extra clothes any more.

7.Momma’s stash

Well you probably already know this but the diaper bag is your bag too. So…get a small tote that you love. That tote can be your wallet (debit card, id, cash) and you stash some Rose All Day to Night Lip Gloss and a compact in there too. Nothing makes you feel a lot more put together then some color on your lips and a little powder on your nose.


I hope this helps you decide what you need to stash in your diaper bag. If I forgot something drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear what’s in yours.

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