My Top 5 Arbonne Products

So I want to start with “I am in love with all things Arbonne” so picking only 5 was extremely difficult for me.  How do I choose? It was like choosing your favorite kid. But I toughed it out and whittled my list down to 5.  Whew. I’m glad that’s done!

#1 Genius Resurfacing Pads

OMG! These tiny pads are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! These resurfacing pads were my first purchase from Arbonne and I immediately fell deeply in love with these miracle workers. It is like a nightly safe botanical retinal for your face. Well actually… you can use it anywhere your little heart desires.  They eliminate any blemishes I have, and unfortunately, I’m one of those that still fight with acne even in my 30’s.  Come on now… I thought acne was only for teenagers.  The genius serum brightens my face and helps decrease the appearance of any wrinkles or lines! Whoop Whoop!

#2 ABC Baby Sunscreen

It has everything you expect from a sunscreen and nothing more (SPF 30, 40 Minute Water Resistant, Mineral Based, & No Chemicals) So my little one has super sensitive skin and deals with eczema. We have to be extremely careful on what products we use on her skin. This sunscreen is spectacular.  There is no irritation, it works wonderfully (No sunburns for us!) and I don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals.

#3 Ready to Drink Protein Shakes

These grab and go protein drinks are a life saver from busy mornings when I’m are rushing out the door to the perfect lunch when I’m trying to eat a little healthier.  I am normally not a protein drinker but the first time I tasted these ready to go shakes I could not believe my taste buds.  It was actually really good.  Like I wanted to chug it down. My tip is always keep 1 or 2 in the refrigerator at all times!

#4 Re9 Advanced Night Repair Cream

We’ve all heard the saying of “Beauty Rest” well this cream is what they are talking about. Put this lavish cream on every night and you will sleep your way to beautiful skin.  Some of my friends call this “face butter” because it is so rich and smooth.  This cream is packed full of orange stem cells and hyaluronic acid to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improves your skins elasticity and firmness.  It’s a win,win, win!

Last but not least… well it might not be last because narrowing it down to only 5 products has been more of challenge then I thought. I’m in love with all of our products how can I pick only 5 ?

#5 Perfecting Liquid Foundation

I might not be a makeup guru but I am very picky about my makeup. I’ve never been one of those girls who could where any ol’ drugstore brand.  My face breakouts. I can’t help it.  My skin craves, no needs, whatever it is that higher end foundation has.  And once I find something that works I don’t tend to venture very far.  I had worn the same department store foundation since I was a Senior in High School. It was a great.  I liked the full coverage and it stayed. So, I was skeptical to say the least, when my friend wanted to give me a make over with Arbonne products.  I let her, but in the back of my mind, I just knew it wouldn’t match up to my old foundation. Well let me tell ya something.. I was wrong.  Sometimes it’s hard to admit when you’re wrong but there’s no denying it this time.  The Perfecting Liquid Foundation has buildable coverage. I know, you’ve all heard “buildable coverage”, but I can attest to this foundation.  It’s light weight and feels completely different than any other foundation I have tried.  But at the end of the school day my face looks better with this foundation than any other.  Even my Double Wear foundation.

So these are some of my favorite products. I could go on and on about Arbonne’s products but I’ll let you decide what’s your favorite.  Which one will you fall in love with first?

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Disclaimer: I am an Independent Consultant for Arbonne.

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