About Me

Well I guess the first thing I should do is introduce myself… My name is Megan. I am a wife, a mother, a teacher and most importantly a daughter of Christ. We are your normal Southern family. My step son is heading off to college and our daughter just turned a year old! We live in Southern Florida and if you’re not from the South then you probably think Florida is just beaches and Disney. But there is a whole other side of the Florida. The true side. What we consider makes Florida great. Agriculture. We have a large ranch operation. Which means we raise beef cattle. And my hubby’s hobby is raising bucking bulls and horses. I know right… I bet you didn’t realize Florida is the second largest beef producing state! #BeefIsWhats4Dinner

Well we recently found out our daughter has food allergies. Ehh. As we continue to pray that she grows out all of these allergies I know it’s highly probable she might not. 😕 As of now, she is allergic to dairy, eggs, sesame seeds and peanuts. And we can’t forgot about cats and horses. To most families having a horse allergy wouldn’t be so horrible but for us it is. It means when Hubby get home from the ranch he has to shower before he can even hold his little pumpkin. And she’s all about horses. We ride our play horses, we have stuffed horses, horses she carries around and she wants to look at them online too. She’s obsessed with horses. Or as she calls them, “horsies”.  So having a horse allergy is no bueno. But I think (well hope) this allergy can be controlled with normal over the counter allergy medicine. Right now she takes Zyrtec/Claritin.  Hopefully it will keep the hives under control.

The food allergies are a tough one. It seems like there is milk in EVERYTHING! I could write a whole post on milk allergies. (I just might do that) and no ones seems to think that a dairy or egg allergy is that serious!  I think that’s what frustrates me the most …just because it’s not a peanut allergy doesn’t mean it’s not serious or life threatening.  And people sometimes just don’t think before they speak 🤦‍♀️ They think a dairy allergy means they just can’t drink a glass of milk and don’t understand that means no butter, no cheese, no ice cream, no cakes and the list goes on.  Hello! what do you think butter and cheese are made of. Anyways.. I’ve went off on a little tangent.  Sorry about that

In the past several months or so I’ve gotten pretty efficient at reading labels, substituting ingredients, looking up restaurants and all that comes along with her allergies.

So be sure to check back to follow along with our crazy life along with recipes sure to please everyone in the family, mommy-ing hacks, beauty tips & tricks.